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Offer Updates

Offer by Longfield Investments Ltd –

  • click here to view the Offer Document
  • click here for the Form of Acceptance of the offer dated 2.6.2023.

As Longfield Investments Ltd are making the offer for shares, we have been asked to upload the accounts for this company as at 31st March 2021 and 31st March 2022.

AGM results: To view the results of the latest AGM dated 28th September 2022 please click here

Legal Action News: Legal action against former Directors Mr Lipien and Mr Yorke-Starkey. Please click here to read the latest legal letter.

Update 2nd May 2023: We are pleased to confirm that we have reached a settlement with the former Directors.

Please click this link to view the documentation relating to the Takeover Panel ruling which will be updated as necessary. Please note that this includes the announcement made by Longfield Investments Limited (a company controlled by Gerard Lee) and sent to shareholders on 31 March 2023, Rule 8 Disclosures etc. In accordance with Rule 2.9 of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, Amicrest Holdings plc confirms that, as of the date of the announcement, it has in issue 4,820,247 ordinary shares of 50 pence each.

Amicrest Holdings Plc’s new website

Amicrest Holdings Plc’s new website www.amicrest.uk gives shareholders accurate and up to date information regarding the company, including full details of the current High Court legal claim against Mr Victor Lipien and Mr Yorke-Starkey.

We will update you regularly via this website, so that you can form your own opinion about the High Court legal action against these two former Directors.

The four proposed directors did not convince shareholders that they are truly independent and have no connection with the former directors and were not successful. As we saw during their campaign, Messrs Lipien and Yorke Starkey are even writing their letters for them. Please see the recent correspondence with their lawyers which confirms the deadline for Messrs Lipien and Yorke Starkey to respond formally to the case against them.

The current Board remains committed to liquidating the company following the High Court case, which if successful will benefit all shareholders in the company.

Thank you for your support.

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